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Is finding a right vendor for the wedding day keeps you on your toes and that too, on the rough patch? You have probably not explored the excellent connectivity of theweddingplan.in, a fast-growing and comprehensive platform for all sorts of wedding solutions.

TheWeddingPlan.in maintains a giant roster of wedding vendors, covering the major requirements of your wedding paraphernalia, and assisting you in just what you need to leverage the appeal of your wedding ceremony. We have delved into the big pool of resources, and singled out the most adroit minds in the industry for the uttermost satisfaction of our valued clientele. Each of the wedding suppliers on our list has been hand-picked by our team with serious attention, so as to keep the quality parameters high and rise. The wedding vendors at theweddingplan.in work with unflagging dedication and zeal to transform a single day, your D-Day, to be the biggest transporter of delight and bliss.


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No matter what the occasion is, be it a bachelorette party or the gala reception, our vendors have a mammoth experience in managing a number of functions with sheer ease, whilst compromising nothing on the quality front. Our diligent wedding experts will put up a great nuptial show that would fill your guests with awe.





In the run up to a wedding event, the bride, the groom and the respective families are involved in exciting escapades to plan a ceremony of their choice. These are memorable, indeed. However, at such a juncture, any help from any corner comes as a big relief, and appreciated for a lifetime.

TheWeddingPlan.in has come up with an innovative ‘Market Place’ to ensure seamless interaction between vendors and customers, and forge a deep, long-running connect with the audience. The motive behind this move is to connect the right vendors with the right prospects, and offer every possible help to avert those nail-biting situations. Uninterrupted accessibility has been the main thrust of the policy propounded by theweddingplan.in. In the light of the similar purpose, the ‘Market Place’ will serve as a meeting place with an aim at deepening the understanding between buyers and sellers, where the former can look and book the services, which may appear feasible to them, in a jiffy, while the latter can reach the prospective customers and multiply the businesses.

The mode of operation of ‘Market Place’ has been kept simple and straightforward. The customers can place their exact requirements and underline their budget, leaving the rest to our vendors, who would do bidding to win the projects.

So, don’t freak out. Find a reliable source of help at theweddingplan.in.


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The build-up to a wedding shindig is thoroughly exciting, but not completely free from apprehensions. Needless to say, planning a wedding can make a couple go jittery, as the fears of not figuring out an appropriate budget loom continuously till the big day arrives. The partners-in-love continue to grapple with a number of planning issues, ardently seeking for a solace which can soothe their worries. If wedding planning seems to be giving you sleepless nights, the budget tracker at theweddingplan.in can do a great service by solving the complexity for you with zero fuss.

Budget Tracker at theweddingplan.in is a convenient, easy-to-access online mechanism that facilitates users to estimate, allocate and finalize the budget meticulously. This tool comprises a number of categories, which help users to outline key requirements and share out the available funds accordingly. Budget Tracker is the best gauge of wedding spending, streamlining the flow of funds, so as to make a wedding an absolute success. We are sure of its impeccability, and once you use it, you would be soon vouching for it.


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A wedding invite happens to be the most vital component among the list of wedding particulars, and rightfully so. It may seem a trivial stuff, but it’s not, after all, a wedding invite is an elegant piece of request, asking relatives, friends and acquaintances to grace the occasion with their honorable presence. It’s not just a practice to assure a good attendance at wedding, but also a way to make first, rather an appealing impression on the probable invitees. So, why a wedding invite shouldn’t be circulated differently, when we have struck the treasure of technology?

Flummoxed? Let us explain.

theweddingplan.in has integrated a robust, high-performance tool ‘Wedding Invites’ with an aim at simplifying and digitizing the invitation distributing process. The idea is to provide a broad vision of how a wedding gathering would be like. Deciding guests and sending them invitations could be a daunting task, but with theweddingplan.in, the users can effortlessly compose a guest list on the basis of multiple marital functions, and can forward the invites through mails, urging the guests to turn up on the auspicious occasion.

There is absolutely no hassle. Tailor your guest list to your individual requirements and communicate the wedding invitation in the coolest way ever.


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You may never know when a crucial date or event slips out of your memory, landing you in a pickle. In any lifetime, no one can solely rely on the memory to keep track of impending events, and future developments. It is always wise to set a reminder and prepare a checklist, ensuring that nothing vital escapes from the memory, marring the wedding mood and scintillation.


theweddingplan.in has been stepping out steadfastly on an ingenious platform ‘Reminder and Checklist’, using which the would-be-wedding partners can pin the important events, so as to miss nothing out of the wedding bustle. The tool offers a brilliant opportunity to the users to stick to the time schedule, and not to skip even a tiny detail, which may derive a bad name.


Prepare a checklist for events


Set reminders to important events


Add date, time and other details of event to remember everything




Getting hitched? Wonderful! It’s the time to shout it from the rooftops, and let the world know that you are changing your world, but not using the conventional modes of conversation. Relay the wedding buzz through a well-built website, and win an edge over all those who haven’t thought of this concept yet.

The team of theweddingplan.in has deliberated for hours over what could be done to spread the D-Word to the maximum, and we zeroed in on ‘The Wedding Website’ as an exceptional recourse. Our ‘Wedding Website’ tool allows customers to develop customized, dynamic and well-functional website that broadcasts the splendid wedding moments in a click of a button. This has been touted as the best way to garner massive attention from all the quarters, even from those who live in the far flung areas.

A wedding website is an amazing mash-up of different wedding ceremonies that include Mehndi night, Dance Party, Stag Dos, Nuptial Night and Reception Bash. If that isn’t enough, a couple can opt for several happiness-inducing sections for the guests and FAQs. There is no denying that such a web launcher can make the newly-weds the cynosure of all eyes.


— Key Features —

Only a Customized Site. Period.
theweddingplan.in has scored a victory by offering fully-customized websites to a number of newly-wed couples, driving their exhilaration to a whole new level. We have pulled off a win by rendering high-power wedding website solutions to our clientele, which work best with their wedding theme.


E-RSVP Socializing is fun. theweddingplan.in has made it effective to communicate and socialize with your special ones with E-RSVP. The wedding organizers and the wedding goers can strike a communication here about the venues, dates and timings of the pre and post wedding ceremonies.


Personalized Domain
theweddingplan.in has put up a mechanism where customers feel privileged to receive the most exclusive website domains. We offer premium membership to our customers, where they can claim a novel and unique domain name, which help them gaining a lot of traction online.


Picture Galleries
Wedding photography is not just a way to lock the precious moments forever, but communicate the excitement of wedding to friends and family. At theweddingplan.in , we concentrate our energies in building a picture gallery that draws great reactions. We choose the best photographs from the reserve, and develop a trail of wedding memories which make the guests go gaga.


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