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Posted on : 04 Nov 2015

Wedding planning is truly an experience to earn. It is like seating on the bed of nails, requiring too much of focus and adjustments, before reaching a comfortable state. It seems like some madness has erupted, and there is no end to it in the sight. Yes, I must be sounding too complaining, but none...


Posted at: 04 Nov 2015

Finding a right life partner and organizing a wedding are the two most headache-inducing tasks. The thoughts of failure, at any of these fronts,can make anyone of us shudder to the extreme. Even before I could step into‘the perfect age’for marriage, my parents launched a groom-finding...

Harpreet Kaur

Posted on : 21 Oct 2015

Wedding is a dream and so planning a wedding is next to impossible. We all know that a perfect wedding celebration demands a lot of time for its preparation. From wedding trousseau to guests list to culinary arrangements, we have to give ample amount of our time and strength that gives us hard time....