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Types of Husbands You Need to Know About Before Your Wedding


There are good husbands. There are bad husbands. And, then there are some who fall in the middle of good and bad. Team TWP has made a couple of observations about the types of husbands the ladies may bump into. Read on!



He wears romance up his sleeves. He doesn’t pass over even a tiniest opportunity to lavish love and compliments on you; thereby, keeping equations as sizzling as they should be. He keeps the love streak alive by embracing you when you are least expecting it, planting kisses with superb spontaneity, and yelling his heart out to say I Love You. Even if you try to reciprocate his passion, he always has a leg-up in the affairs of love. His romance is never calculated, just whimsical, and that’s what keep the nuances of your relationship bright.


He is a source of monstrous support through thick and thin as you take up the tasks for life. He is a wholehearted, irreplaceable strength, who keeps your spine straight during the times of turmoil. He could be fighting his own demons, and may even have lost the energy to battle them out, but despite this, he keeps you motivated in the face of distress and despondence. It has always taken a lot of patience and insistence to help you see the sight beyond gloom and pessimism, but he has never given up on you and made sure that smiles never forget your address.


He has an unflinching faith in the optimism of life despite being placed in the cauldron of challenges. The world may be breaking into smithereens around him, the situations may have come to the crunch, but he has strongly clung on to his sanguine approach, and never shown any infirmities. Whether it has been a period of financial crisis, or a massive family dispute, he has been able to emerge stronger than ever. He has handled every situation with exemplary composure in the face of trouble. Given his crusader-like spirit, he has had a valorous stint in life, and has successfully inculcated a sense of power in you.


He is a full-of-beans, outgoing and in absolute love with those little moments. He believes in limitless action, in staying alive to those tiny sparks of excitement that life brings us. He is the mood-charger, known to turn on the charm wherever he goes. Social functions or bedroom mechanics, he is known for doing stuffs rising above the mundane. The concept of ‘regular’ just doesn’t belong to him. He has a job he holds passion for, a coterie of companions that keeps the things electrifying, and has a bucket list that’s near complete. He plans discovering the newest of the new interests with you, whether it’s food or travel, and you end up thanking your stars for landing you in such a company for life.


He is a pro at tickling the funny bones more often than not, and has been the main thrust behind those crazy laughter peals at various gatherings. Finding a guy like him is very much the luck of the draw. Humor comes naturally to him, and his side-splitting contributions to a conversation make everyone breaking into a beaming smile. Everything is life for you is a tad funnier with him. His sprinkled jokes and banter are delivered to the best levels of amuse, offering a high that couldn’t be more rapturous. Chances are, you might unleash a thunder of laughter and go off your chump while listening to him, no matter how bad or sulky you might feel.


He is the icebreaker, the bridge-maker, and has always believed that a healthy spell of communication can burst through the momentary isolation, and restore normalcy in a strained relationship. He always makes the first move to reconciliation, and believes in reversing the aftertaste of a bitter brawl with you. Regardless of how grave the fight was, he happens to be the one who call the shots, go into a dialogue and ease the matters out. He has obliterated even the tiniest scope of confusions and apprehensions that may crop up by building a zone of comfort, friendliness and transparency. You should be thankful to his communicating nature as often as not.


He is inscrutable, emotionally vacant with just a single look plastered on his face. The more you strive to reach an understanding of his behavior, the more indecipherable he seems. He has a lukewarm response to the most evocative things around, including your love, and this is an enough reason to get you miffed. Either his feelings are too deep to construe, or too shallow to engage in. Whatever it might be, he is unfathomable, and this is the bottom-line that really hurts. He doesn’t show any love, has no reaction to tiny wonderful instances of life, calls a spade a spade and lives on an emotionally frigid ground. He is uptight and upfront – indeed a lethal combination to live by all your life.


He is a misogynist, carrying prejudices of oversized proportions against you, and is highly intolerant towards the ideals of gender inequality. His actions smack of authoritarianism, his words are testimony to classic mansplaining, and he thinks women are good for nothing. He has put his blinkers on, and underplays the personification of a liberated, self-reliant woman of this century. He hijacks your personal space, hinders your pursuits, tries to rule your choices, lowers your morale to rise and disparage your worth. It is evident as to how he tries to make you uncomfortable in your own skin, and stuff you in his bottle of suitability.

The BABY Type9

He is hopelessly irresponsible, leaving a whole trail of mess wherever he roves around in the house. He is a constant at drawing your ire by being irresponsible in every issue of the spectrum, which is both galling and inconvenient. He is a second name to the imminent failure of your wardrobe organization skills, and doesn’t find it normal to store the shoes in the specific boxes. The interior management of the house is often dogged by his throw-norms-to-the-wind attitude, and his clothes are anything but clean. His habit of evading responsibilities gets you boiling, and it has been a nightmarish experience for you to put up with him for so long. But alas! You simply don’t stand a chance.

The FLIRT Type10

He has a tendency to make romantic advances to women at a drop of a hat, and gravitate some attention around him. He feels masterful in his flattery skills, and considers himself never too old for this kind of caper. He picks up a conversation and gives it an interesting turn by being super-duper spontaneous in coining compliments that gratify ears. Despite the fact that he is already hitched, he is an outrageous flirt whose singlehood vibes simply refuse to die.


He always seems to be loaded with a weaponry known as ‘Argument’, leading a minor brawl to a fight, and then escalating it into a war. He argues just for the sake of arguing, and not for reaching any better conclusion of the ongoing tiff. You have seen the most trivial spats turning into a fire of unimaginable magnitude due to his aggressive tongue and belligerent antics. He makes no-holds-barred arguments, leaving you in a state of tizzy when you don’t know how to shut him up. When his canons fire, he goes beyond the range of pacification, and no stabilization tasks work. When he throws arguments, all you do is not considering it as an issue, and bring those earbuds in use.


That’s all folks! This piece is a description of husbands for the times you have kept wondering what kind is HE. All this while, you must be figuring out the most apt category to fit your husband in. But, we’re sure there is definitely more to accommodate. So, share the glad tidings with your husbands here, and leave us excited on our seats.


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