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Foot Jewelry: The Thing that Adds Extra Pulse to Our Glam Fetishes


0 CoverFoot jewelry is an essential part of a bridal dress arrangement, and as one can see, both anklets and toe rings have re-entered the realms of present-day fashion with greater fabulosity. Foot jewelry in any beauty configuration looks unparalleled in approach, elegant up to the hilt, and a stride towards chalking up the most stunning bridal ensemble, be it a single-chained, crystal-jaded pair of payal, the ever-enchanting pazaib with little ghungroos on it, or just a strand of gemstones.

The heavy-flared lehenga may make these exquisite jewels look too slight to get noticed, but they are definitely worth a camera shot. So, if you’re a bride, make sure that cameraman captures these peeping pleasures that make you look on fleek.

Maximum Intrigue..1

A Tiny Sun..2

Blossomy Bling..3

Call it Iridescent..4

Cater to Copper..5


Glam On..7

Golden Joys of Life..8

Pleasures Activated..9

No Shine Like This..10

Silvery Desires..11

Some Fondness..12

Tribal Treasures..13

Work Thy Metallic Magic..14

A Spot to Tryst..15

A Fabulous Wealth..16

The Bee’s Knees..17

Gold and Beautiful..18

A Stunner, Totally!19

You’re Tempted, C’mooonnnnn..20

The Best Cuts on Crystals..21

Beauty Beyond Measure..22

Choose Good.It Ain’t Got Better..23

Let’s Crush On This!24

A Delight Designed to Your Feet..25

It’s a Testimony to Perfection..26

Dress to Impress..27

An Element of Double Allure..28

For Eye-Popping Results..29

 Fine and Flashy..30

A Perfect Statement..31

And, we wrap up this list of enthralling trinkets. And, we hope, there has been a lot of interest stoked at your end. Bring these cuties to the dressing table, and get the levels of envy flying around.

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