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Black & White Wedding Photography: 5 Super Reasons Why You Should Rule in its Favor



As one can imagine, the whole, deep idea of an Indian Wedding is unmistakably very kaleidoscopic. The compulsive coloring of its multiple facets makes up for its cultural essence, and even more for a well-made wedding album, carrying a flavor of forever for the pearls of memories, and promising broad smiles every time to anyone who flicks through it.

A wedding is the brightest chapter in one’s life, but if one engages the gears to India, one would see the glitz and extravaganza coming in heavy gushes. Little wonder, the bright hues of the entire regalia, and the pockets of glitter in the wedding venue are a ‘sure’ inclusion in the scheming of a wedding album. While this is a usual fashion to pick colors that promise a mild tranquilizing effect on the senses, the odds of choosing monochromes don’t lie flat.

Monochromic shades provide a classic pitch to wedding photographs, making the entire repository look exceptional to bumper levels. If you are still wondering why are we explaining the reasoning behind an old era theme, here are some marvelous reasons.


Black and White tints introduce a lot of drama and value to a wedding album. This striking amalgamation makes a wedding album unique, as B&W pops out of color torrents, and beautifully so. i-maani Photography

Courtesy. Edmonson Wedding              *Courtesy: Edmonson WeddingCourtesy. Anshum Mandore         *Courtesy: Anshum Mandore 


Yes, believe it! Monochromatic colors ensure an emotional upsurge, and how!2.1

2.2    *Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik


Color trends are transitory, but greyscale is timeless, known for giving a surreal effect to a nuptial album. B&W pictures spell eternity, never go out of fashion and get easily adapted to the any style of any season.3.1



Neutral tones impressively announce moods, and lock D-day memories in a way that carries resonance for a period like always. So, undeniably, it is a solid idea to experiment with the different black and white screens.4       *Courtesy:Sephi Bergerson Wedding Photography


The old school charm of black and white silhouettes gives a different dimension to a wedding album. Every detail lays out a certain degree of maturity and excellence, having this rarity of a millennium. When the flavor of vintage springs into action, the photographic elegance raises up a notch, enough to make anyone turn up for its sight twice.5.1

5.2        *Courtesy: Sephi Bergerson Wedding Photography

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